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"Transforming Skin Into Art"
Tattoo Shop In Camden London!

"Experience the Empowering Journey of Tattoo Art and Self-expression."

Eco Tattoo London - Tattoo Shop Camden

If you're looking for eco-friendly tattoo and Piercing shops near you in Camden, then Eco Tattoo London is the perfect choice. We're proud to lead the way in sustainable tattooing and piercing, and we have designed our studio with the environment in mind. We demonstrate our dedication to sustainability through the implementation of energy-saving lighting, the utilization of recycled materials, and the use of environmentally conscious cleaning supplies. 

Tattoo shop Camden London

Eco Tattoo London

We aim to establish a tattoo parlour in Camden London where fine artwork and client values come first. We acknowledge that receiving a tattoo is a personal journey and strive to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Our team of talented artists has years of experience in the industry, ensuring that you receive high-quality tattoos that meet your unique specifications. Our famous tattoo artist Lin Feng creates beautiful designs using these environmentally conscious materials, ensuring you can proudly wear your art. We also follow strict hygiene standards and use sterilization techniques to minimize environmental impact.

Our tattoo studio is committed to providing awesome tattoos and advocating for sustainability. We use vegan-friendly and eco-friendly inks, thereby reducing our ecological footprint.

Tattoo studio Camden London

Tattoo And Piercing Shops Near Me In Camden:

If you want to search for a tattoo and piercing shop near Camden, we're excited to share that our Eco Tattoo & Piercing shop is in the lovely neighborhood of Camden, London, on Royal College Street in England. We guarantee a fantastic experience and invite you to join the Eco Tattoo family. 

Our location is easily accessible for anyone searching for a "tattoo studio near me," making us the go-to destination for all your body art needs. Check out our profile on Tattoodo for easy booking!


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Eco Tattoo and Piercing Studio Camden

Eco Tattoo London is a premier tattoo and piercing studio located in the vibrant neighborhood of Camden London. We take pride in leading the eco-friendly tattoo movement and are committed to sustainability while delivering exceptional artwork. 


Our talented tattoo artists are devoted to their craft and strive to create unique tattoos that hold significance. Whether it's intricate designs delicate lettering, watercolor, or fine-line tattoos, we possess the skills to bring your ideas to fruition. Tattoos should be visually appealing and represent your uniqueness and principles.


Our commitment to sustainability at Eco Tattoo & Piercing London is reflected in our use of vegan-friendly and cruelty-free inks, which align with your eco-conscious lifestyle. Our studio is designed with the environment in mind, utilizing energy-efficient lighting, recycled materials, and eco-friendly cleaning products. 


We offer various Tattoos and piercing services, including classic, fine-line, watercolor, and using high-quality hypoallergenic jewelry and following strict sterilization procedures.  Additionally, our piercing workshop has everything it needs to perform every piercing, from straightforward body piercings to sophisticated ear piercings.

If you're searching for a "24-hour tattoo and Piercing shop near me," look no further than Eco Tattoo & Piercing London. Our Camden studio offers a unique experience that combines sustainability, artistry, and professionalism. We're open seven days a week with flexible walk-in hours to accommodate your schedule. Let us help you create a tattoo or piercing that tells your unique story and leaves a lasting impression. Visit us on Royal College Street in London, England, for all your tattoo and piercing needs.

Regarding piercings, the final decision rests with you, but our friendly experts will attentively listen to your desires and assist you at every step. We aim to foster a warm, inviting environment that instills ease and assurance.


We prioritize our clients' safety by thoroughly sterilizing all equipment and maintaining a clean environment. Our staff is trained in infection control, ensuring your piercing is performed securely and hygienically.


We take pleasure in only providing top-notch body jewelry. Our primary objectives are your comfort and safety. Thus, we only choose jewelry constructed of premium components. With Eco piercing studios, you ensure that your piercing will be secure and comfortable in addition to being fashionable.

To enhance your comfort, we recommend making a reservation. If you need further details, please consult our Contacts section.


Alexa Young, London

"The artists at ECO TATTOO turned my tattoo vision into an extraordinary masterpiece that speaks volumes about my identity."
  • How can I schedule an appointment at Eco Tattoo and Piercing Studio?
    To schedule an appointment, you can either visit our website and fill out the appointment request form or give us a call directly. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding a suitable time slot for your tattoo or piercing appointment.
  • Is Eco Tattoo and Piercing Studio a hygienic and secure environment?
    Definitely. We place great emphasis on maintaining a clean and safe studio. We strictly adhere to hygiene standards and ensure that our environment remains sterile. Our equipment is properlysterilized, and our staff is well-versed in infection control protocols.
  • Do the tattoo inks used by Eco Tattoo London meet eco-friendly standards?
    Yes, at Eco Tattoo London, we place a high value on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Our inks are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility.
  • What does Eco Tattoo and Piercing Studio provide?
    We offer a diverse range of services, including professional tattooing and body piercing. Our skilled tattoo artists can create bespoke designs or transform your ideas into reality, while our experienced piercers provide a range of piercing options.
  • Is Eco Tattoo London a licensed and professional tattoo and piercing studio?
    Yes, Eco Tattoo London is a fully licensed and professional studio. Our expert tattoo artists and piercers are seasoned professionals who prioritise safety, hygiene, and customer satisfaction.
  • Best Tattoo Artists In London
    London is an extraordinary place with an immense diversity of people who are immersed into the world of tattoo art since it is very common in the everyday world. The never sleeping city is home to many world famous tattoo artists which are trying to share their love of tattoos with the people to tap into their deepest creative sides. We at Eco Tattoo exhibit some of the finest tattoo artists in London, to change our wonderful clients lives. We are located in the heart of the capital which is a wonderful place bringing clients from all over the United Kingdom to challenge our tattoo artists with all forms of tattoo designs. Therefore you are in luck, you have found a place different from any other tattoo shops in London. Some clients even consider Eco tattoo to be the best tattoo shop in London. Give our talented tattoo artists a try!
  • Choosing the best tattoo design for you
    We are sure that people who visit us want a unique tattoo that uses different types of styles and techniques. We make sure that our artists offer a smooth experience in creating the perfect design for you and we guarantee that our artists stand out in any particular type of tattooing method. We aim to decorate your body in a life changing manner - we have many years of experience in tattooing, due to this we are able to carry out any type of tattooing style as you please, to give you an understanding of all the differing tattoo styles that we offer here is to name some: Black & Grey tattoos, blackwork tattoos, Chicano tattoos, dotwork tattoos, fineline tattoos, geometric tattoos, hand-poked tattoos, dark art tattoos, Japanese tattoos, lettering tattoos, neo traditional tattoos, new school tattoos, ornamental tattoos, realism tattoos, illustrative tattoos, old school tattoos, trash polka style tattoos, tribal tattoos, watercolour tattoos and surrrealism tattoos - whatever style you may be looking for we are ready to make sure you will be leaving the studio with a result that will keep you smiling for the rest of your life, that is our guarantee! Not sure what type of design you are looking for? Just take a browse through our gallery just above to see numerous examples of all the styles that we offer in our tattoo parlour, choose the style you have fell in love with and shoot us a message to arrange the design of your very own unique tattoo.
  • Our promise
    At Eco Tattoo London our artists are on hand to bring to life any envisioned idea which is sure to connect with your heart, we are full of tattoo artists who are extremely passionate about art, we know how important it is to express your emotions and ideas in art form. Our promise is to ensure your idea is expressed in the deepest emotional art form. You are in perfectly safe hands where our team doesn't take any short cuts by never using already existing designs. Your tattoo artist London will be creating a new look and unique design at any request you throw at us, the whole process is carried out in the most innovative and professional manner. As soon as you take step in our tattoo studio you will feel the refreshing positive energy which flows throughout our team and this out of the world city. Brilliant memories to last for a lifetime are guaranteed at our tattoo shop in London. Our artists promise to use any tattoo style ranging from classical tattoos to realistic tattoos dependent on your choosing. Unique pieces of art is sure to make a mark on your body to transform how you view yourself. If you truly desire the best experience, then this will be the place for you. We promise to take care of you in the most professional and hygienic way, we are more than happy to provide you with a recommendation to turn your greatest dream into real.
  • Get in touch with us!
    Whatever your desire for your tattoo might whether it is following your favorite technique or style or maybe you might be adding ink to your body for the first time, or covering up a once failed design from the past, and you are looking for a tattoo shop in London with professionals you are able to trust then you have found the perfect place. No matter the reason for your visit, you have come to the few of the best tattoo shops in London, you are sure to leave with no disappointment. We have some of the most talented artists in London which follow the high levels of hygiene and upmost professionalism. We are based in the heart of the city. Come visit us at Camden, London and we will be happy to discuss you desired tattoo idea. You are also able to contact us via telephone at 07399 442272 or you can message us via our Instagram @ecotattoolondon we are here to answer any of your questions or to book you in for your session. We are excited to meet you soon! You can also visit us at Eco Tattoo London, 186 Royal College St, Camden, London, NW1 9NN.
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