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experienced tattoo artists specialize in creating unique, eco-friendly designs
Developing a talent for art at a very young age Lin Feng started her career in Shijiazhuang China.Her cultural history was filled with tradition allowing her to view traditional Chinese art every step of the way. Her experience grew and grew as her building blocks consisted of many different forms of art ,ranging from drawings and paintings then moving towards sculpture.She became fascinated with nature and the colours it produced therefore applying it to her core themes of art. She was  exposed to traditional sculpture in china , gaining knowledge on different objects and resources.Her interest in art cultivated and developed as she opted to do BA in Art then progressing to her MA course at the Royal College Of Art London, while she was in her studies she began doing tattoos (2014) which bought her on to opening up her own studio (Eco Tattoo, London, Camden)


Eco Tattoo - Artists_edited_edited.jpg


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