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First Tattoo Advice | Eco Tattoo London | Tattoo Shops in London

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Eco Tattoo London goes over some quick tips and advice before getting your first tattoo, make sure to tune in to be fully prepared

Video description: Hey guys it’s Lin from Eco Tattoo London, do you need to know more about getting your first tattoo? Well I’m here to help with some first time advice! Contact us at 07399442272 Or visit us in store Eco Tattoo London 186 Royal College St London Camden NW1 9NN England

Video Transcript

"Hi it's Lin from eco tattoo today I'm going to give you some advice about to getting your first tattoo - first you can choose a tattoo that's not too big can be around 3 cm to 5 cm secondly, it's better to be black and grey not to be colorful because black and grey tattoo is not that painful and colorful tattoos might fade. Thirdly where do you place it? the best place is on your arm or on your back or on the back of your calf where you get the most muscles so it's not too painful if it's on your neck or on your wrist or on your ankle it will be very painful and also remember to eat before your tattoo, sleep well before your tattoo so your body is in a good condition to getting a tattoo. Don't drink alcohol before you getting a tattoo and do a consultation with your tattoo artists about your design, where do you want it and your tattoo artist will give you a very professional advice. In the end bring a friend with you for company your friend can hold your hand and also bring some sweets it will be better after you are done getting your tattoo to get some sugar inside of your body. Next time we will talk about what's the procedure of getting a tattoo, if you have any more questions you are welcome to send me a message on Instagram at ecotattoolondon and DM me, I will reply to you as soon as possible, follow me for more - see you bye!"

Getting your first tattoo?

It might be super scary for you to get your first ever tattoo we know!! so here at Eco Tattoo London we aim to make your experience smooth so the pain is the last thing that will be on your mind, we will take as much time as necessary as you may need to deal with the pain so you do not feel like you are being tortured (at no extra cost!) If its just you at the tattoo shop in London choose your own music to keep you at ease but shh that's our little secret!

Helpful tips on your first tattoo

Choose a small tattoo first of all, recommended would be 3-5cm this is to make sure that you can feel the pain, and see how your tolerance is, for some it might feel like there is no pain at all, after your first session you can always choose a bigger tattoo, or if you feel like you are capable you can go for a bigger tattoo right of the bat its only just a recommendation Afterall.

Secondly you may want to choose a black and grey tattoo first compared to a colourful one this is because colourful tattoos normally tend to be a little bit more painful and they fade much quicker than black and grey tattoos but we also offer touch ups so do not worry!

Furthermore its important where you may choose your first tattoo if pain is what you may be worried about, as some areas of the body will be less painful than others, the least painful areas will be where there is more muscles and its further away from the bone a couple areas that are best would be, your outside arms, on the back where there is more muscles or on your calf. The most painful areas would be on your neck, wrists and ankle this is because there is not much muscle there to take in most of the pain.

One of the most important parts is to make sure your body is in a good condition to make sure that the quality of your tattoo will be the best it can possibly be, its important that you have ate before your tattoo so your body is full of energy, this is to insure that when you are getting your tattoo you do not become dizzy or in the worst case scenario pass out, highly recommended is a slow release breakfast so when your reserves of energy is used up, the slow release energy will be used. It is also important to get a full nights sleep before your tattoo so your body can be fully alert and react to the pain as need be, in some situations if you have not had enough sleep, the pain you will feel will be much higher than usual and it can almost feel like the pain you get at the end of the session right at the beginning of your session, this could make the artist stop the session earlier than it naturally should be stopped.

It is also highly recommended that you do not drink alcohol before and after your tattoo this is due to alcohol thinning your blood, which in turn causes excess bleeding, this will cause visibility issues for the artist, which could possibly compromise the quality of the design also through excess bleeding the ink may also be thinned meaning it will look more faded and it will not be at is maximum glory once finished and touch ups early on will become a must. Drinking after your tattoo is finished would not be ideal since it will compromise the healing of your tattoo because of the effect it will have on your blood, so for your own sake and happiness it might be best to take it easy for a bit!

At the end of your tattoo it is a good idea to have some sweets to get some sugar in you for your blood but this can be a double edged sword, make sure to not have a constant unhealthy diet while your tattoo is healing, because the tattoo will heal much quicker if you have a diet mid healing that consist of greasy, processed and high in sugar foods this can can prolong the healing process and even promote the development of inflammation and infection. To explain why unhealthy foods are best to be avoided in the healing process is due to these foods being high in fat the body requires a lot more energy to just process and digest the fat which means the energy in your body is directed away from healing and more towards the digesting meaning the damaged skin doesn't get the full support it needs during the whole process.

Which Tattoos may fade quickly?

It may seem like a fun idea to go ahead and get a tattoo on your fingers, palms and the soles of your feet but unfortunately this is the worst areas you can be tattooed, this is all because these areas do not really hold pigment well and as the skin heals itself the design will quickly begin to fade.

Tipping your artist

Many people will forget this step, but this is a really important part for artists and it definitely makes their day if you are truly happy with the service that they have provided, this is a crucial part of tattoo etiquette, you should in theory be tipping your artists the same way as you would for a server at a restaurant, although it is not compulsory but it is a super nice gesture and it will always make the artist want to preform at the best of their ability for future tattoos.

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Ace Kezz
Ace Kezz
Jul 20, 2022

I like this, it reassured me that my first tattoo will go smoothly. Thank you for the tips its really encouraged me!!

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